About Ironside Roofing Co.

Ironside Roofing is owned by Chad Gorman, a certified journeyman roofer, fully insured, with WCB compliant workmanship. Hiring only qualified tradesmen, the team at Ironside Roofing has the highest ratings, exceeding industry standards in installations with full guarantees on work from start to finish. Chad Gorman has earned the reputation for being approachable and honest and works hard in his community to maintain the trust of his customers.

Consultation: Choosing the right material for a steep or flat roof can be daunting if you aren’t involved in the roofing industry. We put a lot of attention into your first consultation because we understand the importance of open communication when working on your project. We give you solid consumer tips on buying or repairing your roof before the construction phase starts, so you have confidence in us as tradesmen.

Roof inspections are the best way to determine the condition of your roof. We will share roofing samples with you and explain the benefits of each product so you can make your choice stress-free.

Construction: We only use the best materials possible for your project within the range of your budget so nothing comes as a surprise with the final invoice. We want you to feel assured as a homeowner or commercial property owner that we will respect your property throughout the entire construction phase. Post-installation, we provide a thorough cleanup.

Putting a roof over your head is the most important thing your home does. Call Ironside Roofing for a consultation and we will guide you through your roofing project.


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